There lived an ancient ruined Civilization called Indians – The Era of Mindless Indians

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This a Study report of a History student in the year 2217, sent back in time 200 years before.  

Journal Title

History of a Ancient ruined Civilization called Indians.

Author Name

Rurouni Kenshin


Jun 25, 2217


Boda University, Antarctica


The whole Earth has gone through a tremendous Mass extinction event, which is the 6th Mass extinction from the formation of Earth. But this time, it was driven by Humans and the most catastrophic of all. Now this extinction event, which is termed `Climate Change` has wiped out many nations around the equator and melted North and South pole.

We, remaining humans settled down in Antarctica. Some 200 years back, they say this whole continent is used to covered with Ice and Snow. Now the world is warmed up by 6 degree celsius to post industrial era. Now we could never see Ice / Snow anymore, anywhere on Earth.

This journal is about this Nation called India and its people. India’s history can be divided into 4 major parts.

  1. Ancient India
  2. Medieval India
  3. Modern India and
  4. Mindless India

In this journal we will briefly cover Ancient, Medieval and Modern India. Then go in detail about the `Mindless India`

Full Journal

Ancient India

  1. The earliest authenticated human remains in South Asia date to about 30,000 years ago.
  2. In the period 3300–1300 BCE, one of the ancient civilization, The Indus Valley Civilisation formed in the northwestern regions of South Asia, extending from what today is northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan and northwest India.
  3. Then it saw the Vedic period, Sangam period and more. 
Bath place in Indus Valley civilization

Medieval India

  1. 600 CE to 12th century constitutes Medieval India.
  2. India is no single territory, but it is split into several kingdoms ruled by several rulers.
  3. Nothing significant about it.

Modern India

  1. 18th century to 20th century constitutes Modern India.
  2. India was united, occupied and administered by British for centuries in a unfair way.
  3. But then a group of Intellectuals understood the problem.
  4. With their revolutionary Human spirit,
    1. they drove away British,
    2. setting ambitious plans for the Nation,
    3. based on self rule
    4. with hope on their future generation —> Moral of the story: No matter how Intellectual you are, you always make `bloody` mistakes.

Mindless India

  1. We can assume Mindless India starts by mid of 20th century and continued till 2100.
  2. The only good thing about Mindless India is they are full of `Hearts`. But full heart without mind didn’t save them. Just like dinosaurs, they were all wiped away!
  3. Such an ancient civilization of 5000 years of history, wiped away in 200 years of madness, along with many other `mindless` nations around the Equator.

Before 2000

  1. It was in 1980s when the Scientists first started alarming about CO2 emissions, Global warming, sea level rising and its Impact.
  2. By the year 2000, many Governments around the world started taking about `Climate Change` and some made plans to reduce their nation’s CO2 emission. But mindless India among many other developing nations were completely out of Picture.

2000 to 2010

  1. The self rule formulae is not working out as Intended. The country is ravaged by Corruption. The rich becomes more richer and the poor becomes more poor. Not just in mindless India. But the whole global economic system is made this way. Mindless India is no exception.
  2. Out of this Social injustice and On seeing the plight of Victims of this unfair system, happened the only good thing. The NGOs and Volunteers, full of hearts are born treating the victims.
  3. But this Volunteers, full of Heart and no mind keep treating the victims without understanding the system that causes the Systematic violence and Injustice.
  4. They didn’t even realize,
    1. by their profession, they are part of this big economic machinery that is the root cause of all this Social injustice.
  5. So expecting them to understand the Global crisis of `Climate Change` is a foolish idea

Some stats

  • Hottest years in History – Every year happens to be the hottest year in History than the previous year. #Global #Warming
  • A destroyed Marine species called Whales
  • Great Barrier Reef getting destroyed – Coral reefs are the bottom most layer of the food Pyramid of Marine ecosystem. They are all getting destroyed at an accelerating rate, since our Oceans absorb all heat generated by CO2 emissions, that happens for burning coal so as to electrify your home.
  • Retreating Glaciers – All melting down into the Oceans thus resulting in Sea level rising

and more and more and more damages.   As you can see above, Scientists around the Globe were studying on Climate Change and making reports, speculations on what will happen in next 100 years. But in mindless India, very minimal reports on Climate Change happened. Because in mindless India they produced only

  1. AIDS Patients
  2. Engineers,
  3. Doctors


2010 to 2020

By 2020, Public in many developed nations also became aware of the global problem, `Climate Change` and started electing leaders who promise on reducing their Nation’s CO2 emission. But the mindless but heart full Indians, didnt get the Scientific picture.

  1. The mindless Indians go through never seen before hottest summers, but never gave a thought about how the Ice Glaciers would react.
  2. A mindful visionary named APJ Abdul Kalam set a vision for the whole nation, detailing how Technology should be advanced to bring revolutionary changes in each Industry, including Agriculture and Food processing. But the heart full, mindless Indians ignore his Vision, let Farmers die, but rather do `Tree plantations` on his birthday. Because planting a tree is a Heart full thing, but reading the book and improving Technologies is a Mindful thing, which was impossible for the mindless Indians.
  3. The mindless Indians experienced a severe rain and floods during December, 2015. Because of their heart fullness, they saved loads of lives and helped people out of their miserable conditions, despite their Government failing them. But again they are mindless to see this as a exceptional event, rather than just a start of symptom of the worst Climate Change ahead.
  4. In 2017, the Summer heat was like never seen before, hottest on record. But the mindless Indians linked it to the trees fallen during Cyclonic Storm that hit them during last monsoon called Cyclone Vardah.
  5. Like this every year, when some extreme climate event happens, the mindless Indians linked it with some local issue and forget it.
  6. Apart from local events, they dont learn much about climate or any events happening in other side of the Globe. For example, A large Ice sheet breaking away from Antarctica is not even a news among those mindless Indians.

Report Conclusion

The mindless Indians were

  1. Running around Money,
  2. Getting into Engineering (but not for the love on Engineering)
  3. and getting into `you know where` (look at the population growth).

Few heart full among them were

  1. thinking too narrow and
  2. too much focused on following what their heart tells them
  3. rather than finding a balance between the mind and heart.

Hence, along with many nations around the Equator that became inhabitable places, India, A nation of glorious got wiped away, by its last descendants, The MINDLESS INDIANS.

World map Post Climate Change conditions, If we act very minimal and restrict only to 4 degree temp. rise.

Must watch!

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ok. So now you made it to the end of the post. I am glad. Now your next Q will be, what can I do to save Earth?

  1. Literally NOTHING.
  2. Individual actions wont be having any Impact.

But still, I ll make a post on even the negligible things one can do.

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