A Lonely Masturbator – First Shot – Part 5

For other posts in the series, visit here. New readers should start from Part 1 Hit the Jackpot, but very afraid The Holy grail of XXX, The B Book is with me now. I can now see it whenever I want 🙂 Felt godly, felt like achieved the purpose of my life 🙂 Wait. I need… Continue reading A Lonely Masturbator – First Shot – Part 5

Hyderabad Diary – Day 1

Scene 1: Hyderabad Bus TerminusDate and Time: June 23, 2015 11:30 AMCharacters: Yokesh and Me The Arrival Bus delay by almost 2 hours, but it’s anticipated based on the past experience. We dropped down at Hyderabad bus terminus @ 11.30 AM. We walked to a nearby bus stand, only to find out we need to take… Continue reading Hyderabad Diary – Day 1