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A Lonely Masturbator – First Shot – Part 5

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Hit the Jackpot, but very afraid

The Holy grail of XXX, The B Book is with me now. I can now see it whenever I want 🙂 Felt godly, felt like achieved the purpose of my life 🙂 Wait. I need to carefully hide it. It should never reach the hands of my parents, then I am a dead man. Hid it in a good, safe spot.

Secret Fantasies with Book and FTV

Then whenever mom goes out to shop or something, I lock the door inside take the Holy grail and look at the pages, the sweet pics of all sort of breasts. It may just be a piece of paper, but the curves in it, small and big, were driving me crazy. I just couldn’t stop myself at seeing the book and touching the awesomeness. I wanted to do more. I seriously felt like literally licking the paper. But I didn’t want to spoil the paper by licking it. That’s the only reason, I limited my licking sessions to only couple of times 🙂

I also started watching FTV, when mom is not in home. The problem with FTV is, the models walk in the ramp mostly with covered clothes 🙁 To see some 30% portion of top of the breast of a single model for 2 minutes, you need to watch completely covered models for atleast 30 minutes. But waiting for 30 minutes for the awesomeness of that 2 minutes is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Also there were rare jackpot times,

  1. When the models will wear semi transparent tops and get to see through all.
  2. When the clothes were super loose, it shakes as they walk and for a second or two, it moves aside and reveals the assets, especially the nipples. Wow best. For seeing that 2 seconds of awesomeness, you can watch completely covered models for 2 hours. It’s completely worth it.

PS: Even after all this years, when I typed above 2 points, the feel I get. Wow. Boys are always boys 🙂    

The rare but perfect moments!   During all these B Book, FTV sessions, I just rub myself down there and it feels sooooo good. After couple of minutes, I get only precum, which will lubricant the rubbing process. But that was fine with me.   I became a Number 1 hypocrite in the world. Speaking like a Saint in school and doing all this dirty things in home.

First Shot

One fine day, I came back from school. Mom going to temple, shop and will be back only after an hour. PERFECT.

Switched on (F)TV, got myself naked and started rubbing. As minutes passes, the pleasure sense started overgrowing than past times.
This is starting to feel nice…..
Do it fast…
This is starting to feel really nice…..
Do it super fast…
Best feeling in the world….
Best pleasure….
Butterflies fly in the stomach…
I close my eyes and just living in the moment…
True Meditative stance. 
The climax. My first shot.

Life Achievement

Wooooooow <3 Experienced the Heaven on Earth for the first time in my life. That too within myself. No words to describe that feel!

Then after a couple of seconds, I open my eyes and WHAT THE FUCK!

I shot all over the TV Table, over the VCD player and it’s all A MESS. Damn me. Cleans up everything with waste papers, takes book putting an act of reading and mentally going through everything on what had happened.

Then only I realize, this is the real powerful shot. Fuck yeah. I evolved 🙂 So happy. Can’t wait to do it again. But definitely not now!

“I had received no sex Education or seen a naked body completely other than my own, but hormones were hormones and it didn’t take much to stimulate the good feeling that was rubbing, followed by First Ejaculation”

More and more to come…

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