A new Country that is built cloud first, land last.

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Excited to read a post, that to an extent answers my search for Democracy 2.0, posted last week in my blog and the one that I am discussing with my friends for years.

We want to be able to peacefully start a new country for the same reason we want a bare plot of earth, a blank sheet of paper, an empty text buffer, a fresh startup, or a clean slate. Because we want to build something new without historical constraint.

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They stated in a simple 1 liner. We need a clean state, without any historical constraints to build a better state based on our current understanding of our World.

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Is this some science fiction story and something that is actually possible?

Let’s understand what a Country is. At it’s core, I think “It’s a belief shared by a community of people that they belong together, they will help out each other, they will work together, they are brothers and sisters of a large family.” Everything else builds over it. 1.4 billion in India feel that way, feel they are Indians because of our long History and Culture. So we are a Nation.

Now let’s look at the history of ‘Sri lanka’, a significant percentage of ‘Tamil people’ didn’t feel they belong to that country for several reasons. So LTTE fought hard to fight for their own country, ‘Tamil Eelam’. Now we know where it ended. But all countries are formed this way, through violent / non-violent wars. If LTTE/Prabhakaran had won the war. Tamil Eelam would have born. New countries are formed, when people wanted it.

In the words of our beloved Tyrion… What unites People? Not armies, Not currencies, Not Flags, But Stories… Stories of their Kings, Stories of their Independence struggles, Stories of their rise and fall. Nothing can stop it. Stories can only be replaced by better stories.

Game of Thrones – Spoiler Alert

Anyways, this article makes an amazing way to build a new Country from a Clean slate. There were mentions about becoming a state recognized by UN. But I feel like it is not even a thing, when enough people believe they belong!

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