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Jagriti Yatra 2017 – Day 1 – Dec 24: Unexpected happenings

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Day 1 is supposed to start fresh @ 7AM. But rather this is what happened. Actual Day 1 goes in next post.

12AM @ Waiting room

I went to waiting room to sleep and met with an intersting person there. Shankar Jha, A chartered accountant. We conversed on many intersting thing for half an hour. Then I told him I need to get some sleep so I am all prepared for a big day tomorrow.

And he told me this, “I have a bad habit of not able to wake up within 10-12 hours, after going to sleep. So If I sleep now, I couldn’t defenitely wake up early morning to catch my 6AM train.

To which I responded, “Oh ok. Then u carry on. I will go sleep

Then he shocked me saying, “No. You cant sleep. We conversed for almost an hour and now I you sleep, I will also get sleep“.

Mobile theft, RPF Complaint and there gone my slept

While we were arguing over my sleep, the guy next to us shouted, “Fuck. My phone is missing”. Then we all discussed how he might have missed and concluded that some other small kid who came there some 5 mins back might have took it. There was a CCTV camera in our room and our Hero Shankar Jha decided to help out that guy by reaching out to RPF.

Then we searched for the right person to complaint, had heated arguments with Police, made a 8 page complaint on the complete scenario and came out. By now, the clock quickly ticked to 4.15AM

I stayed with him till 5AM and then I force bid Good bye to him and went to the main hall like Place to sleep. I slept there for JUST AN HOUR 🙁

Game of Bath

I woke at 6AM only to find there is no water in CSMR Bathroom facility to fresh up. The guy there thrown me the Nuclear bomb in my face, “Pani nahi hai”. I dont understand a word in Hindi, but I understood this. Hell! Then I took my mobile and started spamming Jagriti Yatra group, asking people if anyone has any room nearby where I could freshen up. Unsurprisingly I got connected with

  • Manikandan and co
  • Sarumathi and co

who were also in my same situation. Then help came, but from very far off locations. In a while, Sarumathi reached the Venue, Ravindra Natya Mandir and informed us that there is a Washroom in there, where we can freshen up. Divine intervention!

Immediately took train to Dadar station and walked 2 kms to the Venue. Took bath there and got ready by 9AM.
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