Those Horrible Days

Last Friday night, I took my Mom to a nearby Clinic as it was paining in her leg. Everything went normal till we met the Doc. While speaking to the doc, my mom felt dizzied and she fainted. It was the first time, I saw my mom fainting down. I was very frightened and the… Continue reading Those Horrible Days

Callida 10: A Grand Success

A BIG APPLAUSE to all people who made Callida 10 a grand success. To name a feeew Kuldeep(the security… oops.. sry sry sry.. the Secretary), Anisha(HOD’s Grand Daughter), Kiran(Kurkure Fan), Bharath(Grenade Specialist), Vivek(Sincere n Dedication), SaiPrasad(The DON), Babu(Romeo), Thanikavel(Child but local Don, Thavudh), Suresh(The Executive, hahaha), Viswaakshan(Ms CEO), Vinoth Babu(Samosa Committee), Kasi(Decorative Broomstick), Tarun, Rakesh… Continue reading Callida 10: A Grand Success