Why Bitcoin – Part 1

It’s 2017 bull run that initiated me into the Bitcoin rabbit hole. It’s a hell of a roller coaster ride since then and still it is.This blog series is to share my thoughts about Bitcoin, beyond Money / Pricing / Investments. Let’s get started… Before Bitcoin, few foundational questions… 1. Do you remember reading about… Continue reading Why Bitcoin – Part 1

What is true Love? 005 Good Will Hunting

Date: Around March, April, 2011 List of Episodes @ Index Sai and Hosana starts their lunch together, as others in team pre-planned to go out for Lunch. Saiyasodharan is still not recovered from the hangout of the film ‘Good Will Hunting’ which he saw a day before. It was one of his favorite film. Its about… Continue reading What is true Love? 005 Good Will Hunting