ECR Forest Exploration @ Night

A 2 year wish fulfilled 🙂 It was almost 2 years ago since I ventured into Pine forest in ECR before Mahabalipuram. Since that time, I wanted to explore the same mini forest @ night. I am all fine with Cycling alone in Moonlight in ECR. Actually I find that very very beautiful rather than scary.… Continue reading ECR Forest Exploration @ Night

Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 3 of 4

Thanks _/_

With the awesome team mentioned in the previous post, I planned to keep myself away from Coding. Being a passionate developer, it was a hard decision to keep my hands away from keyboard!   But rather I planned myself   to focus on pulling in volunteers with Gowtham through College sessions, (this is totally new… Continue reading Grassroots – Idea to Launch – Part 3 of 4