Callida 10: A Grand Success

A BIG APPLAUSE to all people who made Callida 10 a grand success. To name a feeew Kuldeep(the security… oops.. sry sry sry.. the Secretary), Anisha(HOD’s Grand Daughter), Kiran(Kurkure Fan), Bharath(Grenade Specialist), Vivek(Sincere n Dedication), SaiPrasad(The DON), Babu(Romeo), Thanikavel(Child but local Don, Thavudh), Suresh(The Executive, hahaha), Viswaakshan(Ms CEO), Vinoth Babu(Samosa Committee), Kasi(Decorative Broomstick), Tarun, Rakesh… Continue reading Callida 10: A Grand Success

Busy doing Symposium Work

Got nothing special to post. So I am writing what I have been doing this week. Last Sunday I was happily playing Morrowind and Last Chaos and was doing my project work too. Starting from Tuesday, I was designing, designing and till now I was doing so many designs for my College Symposium, Callida 10.… Continue reading Busy doing Symposium Work