Jallikattu and Tamil Culture – Revolution or Hypocritism?

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A big Social Agitation is now happening in Chennai. 1000s of youngsters are in road asking to repel the ban on Jallikattu (Eruthazhuvuthal).

Since I am into little bit of Social works, people call, msg, ask me where I am joining for the protest, what time and allSorry for Disappointment. But I am staying away from all this.

Had some good discussions with good friends on my view and why I stay away. Penning them down here, so as to even avoid this kind of discussions in future and to focus on my priorities!

Reality, how I see it

My limited view in my very limited knowledge. Open to genuine discussion and inputs, based on my available time. Warning: Contains serious bashing and shameless (but useful) self promotion and self advertisement!   I am basically a multi passionate person. I love Tamil for it’s beautiful literature and past glorious history, just as I love Japanese culture for their Anime, High disciplines, Lifestyle,. Among 99% Tanglish speakers in Chennai, there are few gems who speak purely in Tamil and love listening to their talks.   But what I see is, Tamil Language and Tamil Culture is being lost/destroyed in this modern Corporate era. Just like any other culture, Tamil had many unique things. Let’s look at each of above points in brief.

  1. Ego
    1. Many famous Tamil personalities from Bharathiyar, Periyar to our ex-CM Jayalalitha are super confident egoistic creatures, which super served the route they took and also inspire others.
    2. But in current generation, no individual (speaking of majority) is proud and confident on their language. You can see that in day to day life everywhere. People take pride in speaking English. Those who can’t speak in English are looked down. What we are seeing now in Jallikattu protest is just a Mob mentality. When they are back to their daily life, they will be back to pavilion. Tamil Ego destroyed by same individuals, who are out there protesting now.
  2. Family structure
    1. Had big family structures, where even in among Chettinadu community even 50-100 people lived together.
    2. But in current generation, we lost the big family structure. But I call this as, we evolved for good.
  3. Food
    1. We had a super good, healthy foods from Kezhvaragu, Thinai, Kudhirai Vali, Kambu, among 100s of other Siru Thaniyam (Millets). Myself and Mom are experimenting with Millets for past 1 year and so far, so good.
    2. But the current generation Tamil youths look high on KFC, McDonalds, Subway for their food and suffer all sorts of health problems. We lost our healthy foods and we are the only reason for it.
  4. History
    1. Tamils had a glorious past at various times from Valluvar, Avvaiyar, Chera, Chola Pandiyas
    2. but a mundane present (for reasons listed here and hopeless future (written below).
    3. Note: We are working on digitizing our National leaders by making a mobile app for them in Tamil/English. Recently released an app for Kamarajar @ Looking for sponsors to do apps for more leaders. Those interested, please contact me.
  5. Language
    1. I dont know any other languages other than Tamil and English, but I am in absolute love for it’s very beauty, when people speak it. I used to hear Tamil speeches in Youtube, Leone, Salaman Pappaya and many others.
    2. But people in cities lost the language decades back. No current generation youth can speak in pure Tamil words for more than 2 minutes. Now we are spoiling towns and villages as well. In the protests happening now, when I hear slogans `We want Jallikattu. We want Jallikattu` and in front of media, they speak in Tanglish of their Tamil pride, I can’t help it but 2 words comes in my mind “Hypocritic bastards“. We lost the language itself and are we not even aware of it.
  6. Literature
    1. We have best of the best collection of Literature from Tirukkural, Athichudi, Silapathikaram, Manimekalai, Seevaka Sinthamani, Valayapathi, Kundalakesi, Purananooru and 100s of others.
    2. But no one reads it. We read Paulo coelho! We ignored Valluvar’s `Kamathu Paal` and spend our nights with Any better suggestions are welcome 😛
    3. Note: We got plans and a perfect Team to convert these Tamil literatures to Digital medium. Looking for sponsorts. Anyone willing to support, can contact me for more info.
  7. Lifestyle
    1. Had known for the lifestyle of Physical fitness, chivalry and Valiancy. Go and learn fucking Veerapandiya Kattabomman. He is an embodiment of almost all points, listed here.
    2. But now, I am in the position of begging all my Chennaities to get rid of sedentary lifestyle, go job, do cycling, workout and keep up their fitness. Not for the culture, but for their own health. We forgot our light clothes and wear Coat, Suit. We became so weak mentally that we are now easily socially conditioned to believe wearing Shoes and Shocks in our Chennai Summer is a comfort.
  8. Rituals
    1. Had 1000s of mindless rituals.
    2. Glad we mostly got rid of it.
  9. Sports
    1. Had Kabadi, Gushti, Malyutham, Gilli,  and 100 others, that the current generation forgot, while they are busy watching (again not playing) Cricket.
    2. You forgot these 100 sports and now hanging behind Jallikattu just to boost ur lost Ego and Identity. Hypocrisy at its peak!
  10. Technology
    1. Thanjavoor temple to Kallanai, we had best of best, ahead of time, start of art technology those times.
    2. But we completely lost this and worst thing is we are not even aware of it. Does any IT guy from the Protesting crowd even aware of Free Software Foundation(FSF) Branch Chennai office?
  11. Work
    1. Had 64 Aaya kalaigal.
    2. This generation should have increased it to 6400, but forgot even that 64.

Having lost everything as listed above, I wonder what people are speaking about in the protests when they shout, `They will save Tamil culture`! அதான் எல்லா மயிரையும் நாம already மறந்துட்டோமே! ok. If u think deeply, above all are not just with Tamil, but happening with most Cultures in the world, who don’t control the modern power centers of Economy and Technology.

Nations and Cultures which perform well in Economy retain their Language and Culture. Go to China and you will see, how little English had spread there.

Going Forward

What’s happening right now in Chennai is a pure emotional, egoistic (and hence blind) protest. You might even win this Jallikattu ritual, for the time being. But what next? What’s the vision for Tamil language and Culture for next decade, next 50 years? Any plans to revive the forgotten glory? or to evolve Tamil culture to be the supreme one? No one knows.

For all who think PETA is ur enemy, I pay big salutes to ur sheer lack of Ignorance. It’s not PETA, It’s the Corporates and the control YOU GAVE TO THEM, that destroyed your culture.

யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

மறுக்க படி…
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

திரும்ப படி…
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

திரும்ப படிடா கொய்யா…
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா

Looking back at how much the Tamil culture is lost and forgotten (by its own people) in last 50 years, it’s inevitable that in next 50 years, it’s totally forgotten.

That’s myself and my team are trying to digitize and preserve atleast the literature, before its completely lost. Any support here will be highly appreciated 🙂

Wow. Dear Reader. U read this far. Congratz. U r a true stubborn rebel, reading through enemy lines this far. Now spend 2 mins looking this Brilliant portraits of Cultures, which are destroyed because of Modern world.

But I am happy

Being a Rebel by DNA, I am very very very happy to see People protesting, coming out of their comfort zone. I want this to happen against Status Quo, but right now it’s happening for Status Quo.

I hope, this momentum is also turned to do something for the farmers, who are dying out there!

But this is fine, as long as people willing to come to streets for something, it is super good. People are emotionally moved and doing all this now, with ignorance and for false identity. But I am hopeful that people will come to streets tomorrow for real issues, which are about to hit us badly.

Followup post on Jallikattu.Climate Change

After all, our own Independence Struggle, an epic, ever inspiring battle of Intellectuals started out and happened for at least 30-50 years, in these kind of ignorant, emotional and worst losing battles.

ஓத்த்தா…, Nothing beats saying this from the bottom of ur heart in the evergreen, Tamil!

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