Inconvenient Truth - Welcome to Anthropocene Era

6 Mins read
2016 A been a big revelation for me in many fronts, from my understanding of social structures, social change process to personal…

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Climate Change

The bastards who drowned Chennai - A letter from Future!

3 Mins read
Wow. Unbelievable! Looks like Time travel is possible atlast. Don’t believe me? Hell yeah! I couldn’t believe myself.okay. Let me come straight…
Climate Change

Maybe Humans are the Virus and Corona is the Cure

2 Mins read
Having seen so much documentary movies for years and years, I could only see Corona as a cure for what we are…

TN Weatherman - Pradeep John - An Egoist?

4 Mins read
2 days back our beloved Tamil Nadu Weatherman made a post in his Facebook page. The gist of the post is `Climate…

Climate Change - What an Individual can do?

3 Mins read
If you have a good picture of `Climate Change` or atleast had read my previous posts on Climate Change, then proceed with…

There lived an ancient ruined Civilization called Indians - The Era of Mindless Indians

5 Mins read
This a Study report of a History student in the year 2217, sent back in time 200 years before.   Journal Title…

What If an asteroid is hurtling towards Earth and we have 100 years until impact?

3 Mins read
What can we do that is theoretically possible for us to survive? Here is what will happen most probably: Years 0 to…