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The bastards who drowned Chennai – A letter from Future!

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Wow. Unbelievable! Looks like Time travel is possible atlast. Don’t believe me? Hell yeah! I couldn’t believe myself.
okay. Let me come straight to the point.

I received a letter from myself in the future.

Hmm. I think I am confusing here. How to put it properly in words?

I received a mail from Saiyasodharan, aged 61 from the year 2050.

Let me copy his/my mail content here.

The actual main content

Dear young Saiyasodharan,

I know it will be awkward/weird and mostly unbelievable to receive a letter from me, your future self.

The Tamil pride has failed, We are doomed. We let us kill ourselves. I am fucking deeply emotionally disturbed and so sending you this mail.

Just today, on Jan 2, 2050, our Government has declared our Chennai, a un-habitable City. The sea level rise, which we were reading from 6th standard in the EVS book, have transformed from the textbooks, Science journals, TV debates to our Hellish living reality now. We have successfully drowned Chennai. Look at this map, so I can be more specific:

  1. Our college Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College in Thoraipakkam, submerged in the salty sea water some 5 years back (in 2045). The backwater that formed there will merge with Muttukadu backwaters in 5 years.
  2. Mayajaal Cine complex in ECR, The Ascendas IT Park in Taramani, Velachery Metro and 1000+ houses around it, mainly the Marshland encroachments are taken back by Nature. Fishes happily live there now.
  3. Tidel park is safe still and just 200 meters away from our New coast. And they converted the IT park into a huge Sea view apartments.

More than all this, the things that deeply disturbed me are the following:

  • Madras High Court, aged 158 years
  • Central Railway station, aged 177 years
  • Secretariat, Ripon Building, 137 years old

Our Culture, our Heritage, our Pride has all gone.

By the way, I know it will hurt you now, but our all time favorite Marina is no more. the shore is now at Mannady, where I am going for barefoot sand jogging these days.

Paris Agreement has failed us. We are now at 3 degree above pre-industrial levels. We have been idle for too long and too late. The winter has come!

We have found the enemy and The enemy is us
The enemy is us

Post these in Facebook, Twitter and all damn places. You dumb bastards, do fking something about it! See if you people could correct the Course! And I am not even talking about other ill effects like CO2 ppm levels, Ocean acidification, The Great Pacific Plastic vortex, etc.,

Some 10 years back, I went to Himalayas with James Balog crew (The Chasing Ice guy) on a scientific trek. And Climage change has wrecked havoc there. I don’t want to dwelve into the details now. Otha! What I seen there with my eyes. It’a a HELL. You fking bastards living in 2020, do something about it. You are the last generation to do something about it!

That’s it. That’s all I wanted to write to you. Take care of yourself and the Planet!

I know you will have 1000 other burning questions like

  • Is the broken Democracy fixed by any percentage?
  • Any innovative startups, actually making a dent in the Universe? Especially on the Climate change side?
  • Is Bitcoin a `Unit of Account` yet?
  • You are writing this from Earth or are you settled out in Mars?
  • Any innovative, world changing dApp?

And of course, few personal billion dollar questions

  • Am in the right path with Grassroots?
  • How about my personal life? Am I on track?

For obvious reasons, I can’t pass on any info on these things.

Take care, Take care of The Pale Blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.

Yours caringly,

Saiyasodharan R

— End of his (or mine!) mail —

And now I have a question to the beloved Chennaitties, who read so far. Here it is (Note: Tap on choices text rather than the checkbox) Also feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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