Climate Change

Maybe Humans are the Virus and Corona is the Cure

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Having seen so much documentary movies for years and years, I could only see Corona as a cure for what we are doing to the Planet and ourselves.

While all the environmentalists, Green activists, Planet lovers are trying hard to change our disastrous course by

  • trying to convince Political leaders to make Green policies
  • raise awareness among the Public
  • innovate on green technologies
  • establish green business and Industries,
  • reducing their own emissions in their personal lives

and still failing miserably, Here comes Corona which has turned the world upside down in a Quarter, reducing global consumption rates.

For decades, Scientists are crying out load that `Business as usual` is killing the planet and we took very very less effort to address that. But Corona enforced us to put a hold to the `Business as usual`.

I am not sure for how long this will long, but I think we should take this as an opportunity to take a break, look back at our established system, life styles, attitude towards everything and see how we could transform them to make things more sustainable.

Going forward – My Speculations

Though not hardcore, I call myself an oralavukku Environmentalist as I

  • Use cycle for all my travel inside the city
  • Being a Vegetarian (Carbon foodprint and our foods)
  • Conscious minimalist Consumer (Having a less carbon positive behaviour from my dressing to things that I use)
  • Taking half bucket water baths (and something no bath at all :-P)

I always wondered having a 100% remote work style in my company. But I never believed that is anywhere close to reality. But Corona enforced (not just us) to go 100% remote. Though not very productive, it’s okay’ish and we are getting used to it. Nothing beats the evening activity time, lunch time, Thursday Uno games, serious meetings, brainstorms in our meeting room. Once things are back to normal, we can still have all this, but having everyone in office everyday is not at all required. Less carbon emissions and good on financials as well… Yayyy!

And thinking about large corporations, I can’t imagine how much savings these companies can do by having even partial remote work protocols. Less expenses, Less emissions, Happy employees. Vera level win win! Thanks Corona for opening our eyes.

Excited to see how the world would be in a year from now.

Few sources and Important links:

  1. Interactive sea level rise map –
  2. NOAA’s paper on Study of Endangered whales
  3. Scientists warning to Humanity, that we are killing the Planet
    1. 1992 – World’s Scientists warning to Humanity
    2. 2017 – World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice – 2 years after Paris Climate summit – COP 21

Video Sources:

  1. Midway Island
  2. Plastic Ocean
  3. Chasing Ice
  4. Inconvenient Truth
  5. Before the Floods
  6. World Population
  7. The Matrix
  8. And many youtube Videos.

Hail Thanos, Hail Corona!

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