MP Election 2019 – My Vote for Makkal Needhi Maiam

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WTF! I just noticed my last post is on March. Not last month, but March, 2018. Hell! I miss writing in my blog, which used to be one of my favorite thing to do 🙁

Okay. Coming to the point, I have this habit of publishing my Vote candidate and opinion before Elections. Been doing this for past 3 times:

  1. 2011 – Casted (wasted) my First vote
  2. 2014 – Excited and saddened about it !!! – Kejriwal times
  3. 2016 – My Vote for Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK)

Hence this post, just hours before my 4th time Voting.

From my First vote @ 2011 to 2019, Its a massive transformation for me:

  • From `finding and voting for the right person` to `Questioning the fundamental constructs of Democracy` (Thanks to Socrates: Why Socrates hated Democracy)
  • From `why Modi/Ragul Gandhi and other Politicians behave this way` to `Aren’t they acting perfect like any other human being according to Maslow’s hierarchy?` (Thanks to Zeitgeist, Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph)
  • From `I hate the corrupt Politicians` to `I dont know how to evolve the people, starting with me`.
  • From `Hopeless` to `Hoping to witness the First major upgrade to Democracy`
Maiyam Political Party Logo

Without going into detail like my previous Election posts, I am going to finish this quick. I decided to vote for 
R. Rangarajan, IAS Officer, Maiam Party

For following reasons: 

  • Kamal Haasan – His intentions and strong Will (I might later regret it, if he turns otherwise. But I have seen what others did, given the Power) 
  • This candidate’s profile (0 cases, IAS Officer, can’t go with the self declared affidavit though)

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