What is true love? 007 Happy Birthday

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Date: April 19, 2011

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Cake, Sweet and Savories. Sai cut the cake and the team celebrated his birthday. It was all joy 🙂
It was then Hosana, Sankar and few others started enquiring Sai’s birth year. When told Sai is 22 years old, they didnt believe at first. Sankar and Hosana joined hands and were enquiring on real age of Sai, not believing in his words. Sumesh Elumalai, Rooban Ponraj and Avis Manoj started kidding Sai, saying he is 40 years old,  probably 60 and more and such.
Sankar checked Sai’s skype profile, facebook profile and then believed him, but with a minor doubt that Sai might have created the profiles with a fake year. But Hosana still didn’t believe in Saiyasodharan and was arguing with him, rather than checking the facts as Sankar did.

Saiyasodharan argued with her for sometime, then told “Believe whatever you want to believe. I have work and I see no point in proving things to you.”

Then the work continues as normal and the day ends.

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