What is true love? 008 Brother

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Date: April 20, 2011

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Saiyasodharan generally doesn’t care about the misconception that people have on him. But for some reason, he felt very compelled to clear Hosana’s doubts on his `age`. The next day to his birthday, he shows some documents, the resume he submitted to various companies to her and then she started believing in him.

Then Hosana shared her thoughts:

Sai, I thought you are elder than me. You know a lot in programming, and many other things. You speak so mature, You are much responsible, You handle things very maturely. Whenever you push me beyond my limits to do things, I didn’t feel much compelled. But I am now. Being elder than you, I don’t know anything, I don’t know how to solve problems. Sai you are great for being like this at your age. I am proud of my friend. 

And Sai why are you not wearing T-Shirts like others. You look old, please change yourselves like others. Make yourself look younger. Please tomorrow come in T-Shirt.

It was Saiyasodharan’s decision a long back (probably 4 or 5 years back), that he shouldn’t spent time / money on his outlook, rather focus only on his inward thoughts. So naturally, he tells Hosana that there is not point in what I am wearing. Everything is the same. So please drop this idea of `T-Shirt`. She doesn’t agree at all. She keeps compelling Sai to change his outlook. Then she speaks to other members of the team to try to convince Sai. Rooban Ponraj and Raghul Raghavan who also wishes to see a `changed` Sai,  joined her for sometime and tried convincing him, but in vein.

Then she shows her brother’s (younger) photos in Facebook, tells Sai that he should look like her brother wearing colorful T-Shirts, wearing Coolers and such. But inwardly, Saiyasodharan felt it like a torture whenever she comes up with some `stupid` idea to convince him to change himself.

Then the argument on T-Shirt gifting started. Stalin popped in and shared his idea of going out for Lunch to celebrate Saiyasodharan’s birthday. Then after big discussions, everyone agreed to Lunch outing idea, where Hosana will sponsor Sai’s lunch as a gift.

That evening, after leaving the office, she texts sai “Sai please change yourself. You will look awesome in your T-Shirts”. He couldn’t bear anymore, she needs to be silenced and so Sai calls her. She picks up.

“Hosana. First of all, I should thank you a lot for your concern on my outlook. But please understand I am what I am. Of course, as a friend you can very much suggest me things, that would improve me. But sorry to say, what you are doing is too much and I cant bear it. So please stop all this. I might change myself, when time comes. You know? I felt very embarrassing when you KEEP telling things on my outlook. Please don’t do that again”

Hosana, “Very Very sorry Sai, My only intention was to change you, to see a younger Sai. But it never crossed my mind, how you have felt on my words, especially in front of all others. I am so sorry and yeah I understand know. You are who you are. I see you as by younger brother and I will be very happy to see you changed. But I promise I wont torture you like as I did today.”

Saiyasodharan “Thanks a lot, especially for accepting me as you brother. I am very much happy on that part. But please keep in mind, what I have said. Good Night”

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