What is true Love? 005 Good Will Hunting

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Date: Around March, April, 2011

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Sai and Hosana starts their lunch together, as others in team pre-planned to go out for Lunch. Saiyasodharan is still not recovered from the hangout of the film ‘Good Will Hunting’ which he saw a day before. It was one of his favorite film. Its about finding the meaning of our life, depicted in an extra ordinary way by a gifted teenager and a psychologist.

For the day’s lunch discussion, he tells story of the film very briefly to her with full excitation. As always he got much excited on this topic of finding the meaning, digging deep into one’s self and more than all having courage to follow it. She silently listens to everything and in the end she told Sai that she is happy for him, whatever Sai said about finding a purpose and following it will not applicable for girls. Girls are to pursue goals defined by others.

Sai can sense a slight pain behind those words. He replies “I agree with what you said, especially in our country. Sorry for that. But you shouldn’t speak like this. You should fight back to follow your dreams.”

Lunch time is over and they get back to their work.

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