What is true love? 004 No Respect

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Date: Around March, 2011

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One evening, Hosana was on a phone call while leaving office. She looked very upset and Saiyasodharan sensed that she is crying. It happened a couple of times before.

Next day lunch time, Hosana and Saiyasodharan were having lunch together…

Saiyasodharan asks, “I saw that you were very much upset yesterday evening. Is everything alright?”

Hosana, “yeah. I had a small fight with Jayananth Rajalingam. Its solved now.”

“You people fight like frequently?”

“Yes. Very much. But it wont last for so many days. I will apologize for whatever problem we have, and it will get resolved. But he will never apologize so easily. Ego only brings problems, but not having self-respect like me is good”

Those few words thrown Saiyasodharan into deep thinking. Saiyasodharan thinks “Is she for real? How can she say that she dont have self-respect, very casually!!!”.

This makes Saiyasodharan to think of various possibilities, Either Hosana is depressed or over reacting. There are so many people having depressions / inferiority complex, but will anyone give an open statement like this. He couldn’t understand. He felt very very weird.

Finally, he concludes 2 different possibilities.

  • Either she is too naive to worry about social status and telling out all her thoughts, without thinking or
  • She is a Super agent, who projects herself like this for some obvious reasons, which we can see in any Hollywood movies.

Yeah, Saiyasodharan thinks weirdly like this. He love fantasies, fiction and his thoughts are completely blended with those, even in real life!

But he knows probability of 2nd option is damn too low and so he fixes on Option 1 and then he speaks back.
Saiyasodharan, “Hosana, I have one small request to you, as a friend. I really felt uncomfortable when you told like that on Self-Respect. I request you not to say like this to anyone again. And in my opinion, being egoless is good and it is not equivalent to `not having self-respect`. I suggest you to think again on this and change your attitude.”
Hosana, “Sai dont worry about this too much. This is how I am. I am good for nothing. Anyway thanks for you advice. I will think about it.”

Saiyasodharan “You are repeating it again. No one or nothing in this world is `Good for nothing`. Everyone has a unlimited potential, its just that we need to find where we are strong / where our `real` interests lies.”

Later that day, Saiyasodharan was thinking about the whole incident. How come she was telling those words very casually. He felt pity for her. He believed it was because of her lack of confidence, she was blabbering like this. He could sense some similarities shared between his mom and Hosana in this regards. He tried a lot to change her mom for good for years, but all in vein, as she firmly believes nothing can be changed and she is too old for a change.
But Saiyasodharan strongly believes he can change Hosana and he decided to bring Confidence in her with positive words and starts speaking appropriately from that day onwards.

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