What is true love? 003 Hardship

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Date: Around March, 2011

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Stalin says “Hey Sai, You saw? Hosana is crying”

Saiyasodharan “Crying? For what?”

“She is worried about the work. Not yet confident enough about her work skills”

“oh. But I think its not even 2 months since she joined. I wonder why is she worrying too much? Even we are still learning.”

“namakke onnum theriyadhu. Edho ottala, andha skill ava kitta kammiya irukku da.. vera onnum illa” (Even we dont know anything, but we are somehow managing right? She doesnt have that skill).

Sai says, “yeah, she will learn it”

Behind them, Avis Manoj was speaking to her, giving positive speech, instilling confidence in her. Avis also requests Rooban Ponraj to teach her properly and not to let her feel like this again.

Saiyasodharan thinks “I dont think Rooban Ponraj has any systematic plans to train her and is taking it in an adhoc basis, which is not good. I should help her out when I get time. ”

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