Another perspective of Women’s Day

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Women are hailed as goddesses, the divine, the symbol of care and patience and are given even more higher statuses. Even we represent our country as ‘Mother’ India. We are all very much happy and proud of this mentions. But I personally see that all this praises, honors, etc., happen only in literature, in paper, in words but not in action, not in reality.


The harsh reality is we see women as slaves, who will maintain our house, grow up our children, wash our clothes, do all dirty works, while we pursue our life ambitions, passion, money (or whatever we like to achieve). I see women are even ripped off their basic rights (even now in Chennai majority of women are not allowed to work) . The worst thing is girls are grown up in a such a way that they themselves happily bear all these mundane taks of serving their fathers, husbands and child.
The worst thing is Majority of woman are brainwashed to believe ‘looking after the family’ is their purpose, while men pursue their real purposes. Women themselves have this idea of inequality incepted deep in their mind, of course, its because of the way they are grown up our corrupted society. When a guy smokes, drinks, its called heroism. But when a girl does the same, thats it, no need for me to explain. When a guy flirts with 3 girls, he is a hero; but when a girl does the same, she is a *you know what*.
From family, relatives, school, to workplace, to politics, women are harassed and bullied everywhere. In my opinion, Women’s Day celebration, especially in our country is just an eyewash by the Male Chauvinistic society. (as is the Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations by our *Corrupt* leaders)

Savithribai Phule


But there is Hope. Hope given by great revolts like Raja Ram Mohan Roy (who helped cease SATI), hope given by Savitribai Phule (who opened first women school in India), Swami Vivekananda who considered men and women as two wings of a bird and said it is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing.
Not all men are bad by heart, but the inequality is *indoctrinated* in our minds for 1000s of years. I find it little difficult even to imagine a bunch of girls smoking in a *Tea kadai*, which the guys are doing officially since time immemorial. To be honest, at first sight, I might get a negative impression about the girls. Its probably not because I am male dominant, But I am not used to such incidents of equality. But when such things happen, I will change myself. I will accept the truth, that everyone deserves a *dhum* for relaxation (men’s genuine reason for wicked acts).

Demand, Protest, Fight for your Rights

Its difficult to change suddenly. Its even difficult to realize our mistakes. But we should start somewhere and make progress. So my humble suggestion is Women should come forward, tell / demand / fight for your rights, for your equality, for your life. Good men will understand and support you 🙂
And this protest should start from your home, with your father, brother and then propagate to friends, school, work and to the society.
Fight for your rights and bring in a real equality, and then I shall celebrate *Women’s Day*.

– A Feminist

PS: This Essay is written for a competition (part of Women’s Day Celebration) in my company, Maag Studios.

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