What is true Love? 002 First Meet

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Date: ~February 14th, 2011
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Saiyasodharan and others goes to office together in train as usual. Sai is little curious about the new girl, he also thinks whether he is the only one or others also having same brain waves. He is sure about Sumesh Elumalai, but keeps his thoughts with him.

Everyone reaches office and starts their work as usual. Sai just had a look at her when he enters. She looks good, seems little nervous, being the first day. His `id` wanted to know more about her, but his `super-ego` is in full control. He goes to his desk and starts his work as a good boy, without speaking out his thoughts.

After a while Rooban Ponraj introduces her to everyone and Sai too gets his chance. He remembers Rooban’s cautionate words. Sai has nothing bizarre in his mind, but just a little curiosity. After the intro, he is happy and continues with his work. After a while, he (the super ego) curses himself for getting excited on this.

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