What is true Love? 001 Alpha

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Date: February 2nd week, 2011
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Avis in Skype “Good Morning all. We have been planning for outing for a long time. Today is friday. Shall we go somewhere today evening? Please suggest some ideas”

Rooban Ponraj, Sumesh Elumalai and Stalin agrees with any place, they dont have any specific ideas and they are fine as long as the plan dont get postponed again.

As expected from Saiyasodharan, he suggests Beach, either Marina or Besant Nagar is fine with him. Raghul “peeps good morning, better lets start doing our work now… we will have this discussion at lunch time… ponga, poi velaya paarunga”

Its noon now and everyone finished their lunch, getting ready to speak and test 10010110101 with their machines. They were all part of Mobile Development Team in a well established Game Development Company in Chennai, doing game and application development in leading mobile platforms, iPhone and Android.

Sumesh Elumalai, “hi, what happened to our plan? where are we going?”

Saiyasodharan “Beach beach beach”

Avis “hmmm.. yeah I too vote for Beach, shall we fix on Besant nagar?”

Upvotes from everyone.

Besant Nagar Beach

“Finally we made it!!! Been planning for a long time and here we are !!! ui ui…” Sumesh Elumalai.

Regular boys talk goes on for sometime and then sun dusks.

Raghul says, “ok friends, we spent enough time, lets get back home.”

Sumesh Elumalai “wait wait, lets have Kulfi. Everyone take 10 rupess.”

Everyone had kulfi and then when they are about to leave Rooban Ponraj says “Friends, my class mate Hosana is going to join our company from next monday. Take good care of her as good friends, I think you all saw her when she came for Interview and I forgot to tell you that my friend Jayanant Rajalingam and Hosana are in love.”

Everyone “yeah yeah, I saw her. ok enough talk, lets get back home.”

Saiyasodharan thinks, “1) phew, this guys never tell me, I didn’t saw her. How she will be !! Anyways Monday is just 2 days ahead. Lets see. I am little eager. 2) Hellow sai, Hope you listened to the exact words that Rooban Ponraj had just said and what he meant by it. You shouldn’t get excited about this. 3) Hello please forget this and move on. Anyways its inevitable that I am going to see her on monday.”

Confused with conflicting statements in the minds of Saiyasodharan? Yes it is indeed confusing for all of us. But Sigmund Freud (father of Psycho Analysis) made this understandable a little with his model of psyche, which splits the mind into 3 parts: Id, ego and super-ego.

Id – the impulsive, child-like portion of the psyche that operates on the “pleasure principle” and only takes into account what it wants and disregards all consequences. Id is equivalent to the devil sitting on one’s shoulder. This brought the urge to see Hosana.

Super-Ego – plays the critical and moralizing role in the psyche, aims for perfection, includes ego’s ideals, punishes misbehavior with feelings of guilt. Super-ego is equivalent to the angel on one’s shoulder. This criticized that it is not right for Sai to get excited.

Ego – the organized, realistic portion on the psyche that acts according to the “reality principle” and seeks to please the id’s drive in realistic ways that will benefit in the long term rather than bringing grief. Ego is equivalent to one’s conscience. This told Sai regardless of being right or wrong, you will see her on monday.

Saiyasodharan and Rooban Ponraj are dropped in Besant Nagar bus stand and others left to their respective homes. They board 23C, got seats to sit and started discussing about their jobs. They both loved their jobs and company, despite some minor issues / problems with the higher management that is part of all work culture.

They reached Saidapet by 9 and left to home bidding Good Bye and Good Night to each other.

Credits and References:
Definition of Id, Ego and Super-Ego and the appropriate picture is taken from http://freudsigmund.blogspot.in/2010/12/id-ego-super-ego.html

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