Zombie Strokes 3D – Review

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Its been around 2 years since I moved away from Hard Core PC Gaming to online Flash games / mobile games. As a mobile game developer, I am now completely into mobile gaming, especially Android games, with my latest acquisition of Motorola Atrix 2.

There are quite a large number of games that I played in my mobile in past 6 months. But the latest one which I am playing around day and night is a special one and so posting about it in here.

Get the game for free @

Zombie Strokes 3D, a grand Survival Horror Game

The Visual and Audio Quality is definitely of International Standards. Full Credits to direction of Deepak Aravind; technical guru, Arvind Sudarshan; our awesome artists, Angelina Albert, Rakesh Krishnan and Anand Kumar; Our excellent QA Team, Shyam and Tiru and our Company pillars Sree and Mohan.

You are trapped in a haunted room with just a zombie hand. Gameplay is very simple and straight forward. You need to run away from the cruel zombie and save yourself as long as possible. Death is inevitable, but how long you survive, matters !!
The Intense visuals combined with audio will make your heartbeat pump up for real

Download for Free
Get the game for free @

Horros Continue… !!!

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