Gender Discrimination at its peak

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There is a immense national outcry happening right now regarding the atrocious incident happened to  a Medical Student in Delhi few days back. Peoples and Students organizing strikes, protests happening everywhere to support the victim and to severely punish the monsters who were responsible for this cruel act.

Meanwhile when I opened Facebook yesterday, I found a rather interesting post with 100s of comments that truly reflected the mindset of fellow male chauvinist citizens of my country, India.

The picture depicted a girl smoking a Cigarette and the comments posted were truly disgusting, but rather reflected the true mindsets of people in my country. Some says,

  • its a shame to our *so-called culture*,
  • some criticizing the growth of the country,
  • some says they are misusing the equal rights given to them (who the fuck are you to give rights to someone, its the individual’s birth right morons !!!),
  • she should be shot,
  • and a great guy commented that rather than the girl who got raped last week, the girl in pic should have been targeted.

I felt horrible and deeply saddened realizing nothing could be done about this. Seriously nothing could be done about these morons, who populate the majority in my country. At least let me give a shout out here to honor those morons. Here is the Hall of Fame along with their glorifying words:

I feel sick !!!

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