What is true Love? 021 KCET Convocation Day – 2010 Batch

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Date: 23rd May 2011, Monday

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Its Convocation day in Kamaraj College of Engineering (KCET) for 2005 – 2010 passout Batch students. Saiyasodharan told Hosana the day before to try and attend Convocation, since its a one time in life event. Given the situation (of Chicken Pox), its highly unlikely that she will be (or allowed to) going to college to attend the Convocation.

After reaching office, Saiyasodharan texts her, “Hi, Hope you are doing ok. Try to attend Convocation if you can. It won’t come here after. and how are the wounds? Checked with doctor? Is it Chicken Pox for sure?”

No replies from her.

Raghul and Rooban Ponraj went to attend the Convocation and they were posting Photos in Facebook. Saiyasodharan is happy for them, but TOO MUCH WORRIED about Hosana.

In evening she replies, “Yes Sai. Chicken Pox is confirmed. Its too hot here and its too paining. So didn’t go to convocation :-(“

Sai, “oh kk.. Take Care Hosana.”

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