What is true love? 009 Evolution vs Creationism

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Lunch at Rams

Rooban Ponraj, Stalin, Hosana and Saiyasodharan goes to `Ram` hotel nearby, for lunch.

Everyone orders their favorites and as usual, Saiyasodharan orders Parotta. While they were discussing someone pulled in the topic of Science / Evolution. It is to be noted that Stalin and Rooban Ponraj are firm believers of Christian Ideology / Religion, where as Saiyasodharan is a Staunch Atheist.

Mockery on Evolution

Stalin was making a mockery on Evolution theory saying in a very funny way, “How good it is to know that Humans are nothing but Monkeys, We all are evolved from Monkeys. Hahaha”.

After telling this, both Stalin and Rooban Ponraj were laughing at the evolution theory. Seriously, it made Sai’s blood to boil. He couldnt tolerate when someone makes fun of his beliefs (Evolution, in this case). He calms himself down and tries to invoke an intellectual argument, but fails as others were very keen in where they are.

Typical Science vs Religion

They left hotel after lunch, goes back to office and continues their discussion while standing in office entrance. Saiyasodharan says “I was also once a believer and firm follower of Hindu religion. But there were numerous contradictions in it. It couldn’t answer many of my questions, worst it answers in a very contradictory way. So I directed all my question to Science, which accepts that the fact, it doesnt know ABSOLUTE ANSWER for anything, but have theories to explain the observations. I wish you people might get questions someday which cant be answered by your religion, the day when you realize you cant get `easy` answers for all your queries from a mystic book, but you need to live your life by yourself.”

Rooban Ponraj says “Sai. All your Science and all is fine. I agree with you. But there is something beyond everything, which cant be proven, but can be felt. I am so sure that you can feel it someday. There is a place, where I believe you can feel it. I will take you there someday, if you are interested. But I am damn sure if you keeps your mind open, you will someday realize and accept the truth.”

The thing Saiyasodharan love about science is, it dont hesitate to dump down a theory (even ones followed for centuries), when proven wrong or a better theory / explanation is given. Whereas, religious people find it hard to stick to `inaccurate` holy texts written Millenniums before.

Shouldn’t implant `Right` Questions

Just like Rooban Ponraj firmly believed that Saiyasodharan might realize and accept God someday, Saiyasodharan believed the vice-versa, that Rooban Ponraj will come out of the illusion someday, if he just started asking right questions. But Saiyasodharan still stands firm in his decision, that he shouldnt implant the `right` questions in anyone’s mind, thus possibly freeing out of their comfortable illusion, as he done to his mother few years back.

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