Revelations: Psycho story of the year 2011

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This is not actually part of the psycho story, but some side story that reveals some cool info that gives much insight into the story.

Blades is a secret agent working for the Empire (equivalent to modern time CIA/FBI). Upon publishing the story of Anakin, Blades started investigating into this issue under the order of the empire and found some piece of crucial information. “It has been revealed that the Anakin/Vader also has an alter ego in another parallel universe and the name of that alter ego is found to be Saiyasodharan.” But as per his request, we will continue to refer to him Anakin.

Whole story in one line:

Anakin is a psychoitic nerd who couldnt handle the care of a innocent girl and spoiled her life and her closed one’s life in the name of love.

Blade’s Study:

Blades have done extensive study on the subject and they suggest it is not love but lust that made Anakin/Vader to do all these things. Also they found the alter ego to be lying flawlessly whenever he is asked about himself. But when asked about Anakin/Vader, he spoke freely without hesitation. So Blades request the general population to respect his wish and while speaking to him about the story, refer him as Anakin and not by his real identity.

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