NEMESIS: Psycho Story of the Year 2011 – Part 1 of 4

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Once there lived an Orc named Anakin in the land of Skyrim. Anakin lead a simple happy life with his own rules and he was sculpting his life beautifully as he liked and he had neat big plans/dreams for its future. As any other Orc or any other creature for that matter Anakin also had equal parts of Good / Evil in him. But he is very well aware of his inner nature and he chose to be good at most times, though the evil prevails deep inside.

Anakin was working in a castle in the city of Whiterun and he loved his job. Along with Anakin, 3 Redguards named Robin, Regal, Stefan, 2 Nords Awaz, Saalesh and an High Elf girl named Hosana worked. Every one came to Skyrim for work from different parts of Tameriel. All of them were good friends and were enjoying their work in the castle. Anakin had a special care for Hosana as it felt that she resembled Anakin’s mom in certain aspects.

Anakin’s Love

One day Hosana gets Chicken Pox which is one of the deadliest disease in all of Tameriel. So to get treatment she leaves to her native Morrowind. Anakin is VERY much worried about her sickness and it was very hard for Anakin to know that she is in pain. But Anakin just messages her ‘How are the wounds?’, for which she replied, ‘My eyes are burning Anakin’. That message simply made Anakin to shed a drop of tear. It was too paining for Anakin to know that Hosana is in pain.

Later Anakin started wondering why he is sooo much worried about her, that he actually cried. Anakin usually worries when his friends are in some problem, but shedding tears for things like this is not at all Anakin’s nature. When asked “Why?” to its inner-self, only one obvious answer came. Yes Anakin The Orc realizes that it is in love with the High Elf, Hosana. Anakin was very much worried, because Hosana is already committed with another High Elf named Jekalanth.

Anakin promised himself that he shouldn’t act on its inner feeling and just act as a friend to Hosana and will definitely try to get rid of this thoughts. But Anakin couldnt help itself, he just wanted to know if Hosana’s health is getting better. So he continued texting her occasionally to get to know her health status.

Hosana’s trouble and Anakin’s promise (to himself)

After a specific day, Anakin stopped receiving text replies from her; some 3 days passes. Anakin was so much worried. So he calls her in evening, She didnt pick up for few rings. Anakin kept on calling and she picked up and tells in a low voice that Jekalanth told to keep distance from few of her friends including Anakin. She is very much upset and aplogizes to Anakin. Anakin was hurt very badly; He knew that everything was because of him and so he replies ‘Not a problem, what Jekalanth said is perfectly fine. Sorry its all my fault.’ and cut the call.

Actually Hosana used to share everything with Jekalanth and she also shares happenings in the castle with Jekalanth. From what she tells about Anakin and his caring for her, Jekalanth suspected something wrong with Anakin. He completely believes in Hosana and her attitude towards Anakin. But he also knows, not everyone could understand Hosana and one day or other they might start ‘trash talking’, which is one of the sole purpose of that society. Also he could read the mind of Anakin a little through Hosana.

Anakin was very upset as he caused so much trouble for her and she is hurt because of it. Anakin promises himself (for the 1000th time) that he will keep away from her. Days pass and Anakin spends much time alone in building a mind barrier to keep up his promise. Whenever her thoughts come to his mind, he says to himself that Hosana is just a friend and nothing more and to forget her he used to create a virtual world in his mind (mostly of an adventure through snowy mountains of skyrim) and used to concentrate in there. Anakin tried getting lost into in his dreamworld, forgetting the reality and Hosana. After much self brain training, Anakin believed that he got rid of the feelings for her and he is very much happy with it.


After a while Hosana comes back to Skyrim after full recovery and comes to the castle. On seeing Hosana all the mind barriers that Anakin built up for such a long time has just exploded into pieces. He WAS VERY HAPPY to see her back and over excited. But kept all the joy in him and just said ‘Hi’ and some formal talk.

Few days pass without much interaction between them as before. Anakin couldnt go on like this, he wanted to speak to her like before and text her. Half of him says to shut up and do work, but another half of him forces him to do something about this and speak to her. Big war goes in Anakin’s mind on what to do? As a consequence of the war, Anakin got splitted itself into two beings, one is Anakin itself trying to get rid of all this feelings and just be a good friend to her. The other being is a nasty Hollow named Darth Vader whose sole purpose is to speak to her and make progress with its love with Hosana.

Purpose of Anakin: Anakin had well defined purpose for his life. He wanted to pursue it and wanted to be a good friend to Hosana. He also wanted to bring Hosana to a high position in life, wanted her to live a good, happy life with Jekalanth with whom she is madly in love with. 

Purpose of Vader: One and only purpose of Darth Vader is to make her love him.

Vader’s Twist

Unfortunately Darth Vader won in this specific battle. Vader calls her and tells “What ever you decided and doing is perfectly right as per Jekalanth’s request. I wont be giving any special training to you as before and if you need any help also you please ask others. Of course, we had nothing bad in our mind. But as a person coming from Morrowind (sort of barberic land, a village), I cant expect Jekalanth to understand our friendship. What ever he thinks is right from him perspective. So lets keep our friendship aside, so as not to disturb your personal life.”

Darth Vader’s words might look very normal on the surface. But by the way of delivery and three hidden messages in it, Vader believed his words would push her close to him as before. First and main things is criticizing Jekalanth that he cant understand their friendship as he is from a village. Vader is sure that she couldnt take such a statement about Jekalanth and will do something to prove it wrong, which means hopefully continuing their relation as before somehow. Point two is that he wont be helping her in her castle work. Though Point two might not have a major impact now, Vader believed that it will help atleast a little as she relied on Anakin in her castle work. Point three is just an attempt at ‘reverse psychology’. Anakin was a good a friend of her. He again proves to be good by saying ‘Lets keep our friendship aside, so as not to disturb your personal life’. So Vader expected Hosana not to takes his words literally but rather she will make sure not to loose such a good friend.

Hosana responded very well as expected by Anakin. She told that you dont know about Jekalanth, He is the one who pushes me to be more social and such blah blah blah. I will speak to him, he will definitely understand. You dont worry about all this, Its all my problem. I want to improve myself and I need your help for that. Please dont speak like this again. Its my problem to make Jekalanth understand things and I will take care of it.

This is exactly what Vader, The Hollow wanted and it happened. He was super happy. Before this incident she used to ignore messages from Anakin received at some odd times like late night and such, but unexpectedly this incident changed that also, a little. Since Vader’s goal is accomplished, it disappeared and Anakin came back. Now he can text(of course, only work related) her when ever he wants and she would (hopefully) reply. But Anakin used this opportunity to improve her work skills. She used to feel very bad about her education, her knowledge and her skills. So Anakin wanted to improve that and he used to give her lots of work related problems to practice and learn to improve her skills. Till this day, Hosana herself didnt show much interest in practicing because of laziness. But Anakin also played few other mind tricks with her and made her feel like that she is in a very pathetic position and if this continues the the king will fire her from the castle.

Vader almost caught

Then she took it up seriously and started undergoing the training as dictated by Anakin. One day, she was discussing one of the given problem with her colleagues in castle. Anakin told her that everyone in their team is practising as per Anakin’s request to make certain things appear natural to her, so that she dont suspect anything wrong with Anakin. Also Anakin told of some other big lies to push her to take this up seriously. If she started discussing the problems with the colleagues then she will find out the reality. So Anakin was very much worried about this, because it also wanted all the things to be within themselves, because if others get to know of the special training, they will also definitely suspect Anakin. So Anakin played a few other mind games with her and made her not to discuss about the problems with others. Because of her trust on Anakin, she easily fell for all the mind plays that he performed.

Apart from teaching technical things, Anakin also imparted his view on life to her. As she doesnt had any specific view on her life, she was very much impressed by Anakin’s words. She was living a life without any purpose, dreams, etc., For her life is like riding a boat in river, where she dont control her boat but let it go as the currents in the river dragged the boat. But for Anakin its the same boat ride but Anakin had its target, plans how to go there and strives hard to reach its goal even if its against the currents. Anakin changed her little by little imparting all this views on her. Anakin lived a satisfied, contended life and Vader thought imparting all Anakin’s view on Hosana will make her admire him and all this was partly Vader’s work also.

All this talks made her admire Anakin and she started saying that she will follow Anakin’s path here after. Anakin tells her “I am still experimenting with my ways of life, even I am not sure If I am right or wrong. But there are 1000s of famous personalities out there who proved a good way of life. You should definitely take someone as your role model and follow their way.” For which she tells, “Let there be 1000s of personalities who achieved big things in life and defined a good way of life. But for me you are such a person and so I will take you up as your role model.” Anakin begs her not to take things like that, though Vader is very much happy. Both of them plays their part after this both encouraging / discouraging her decision.

Anakin versus Vader

It will prick Anakin in his heart when Hosana speaks highly of him and tells him role model and such. He just says not to believe blindly in anyone like this. He very plainly used to say I have bigger evil spirits also, which I will never reveal to this world. So please just stop saying like this. Sometimes Vader puts a twist in the end of Anakin’s speech by finishing like ‘though I have many dirty pages in my life book, I just would like to learn from them and make the remaining unfilled pages with good clean content’. Whenever Anakin/Vader speaks to Hosana about something other than work, big war will go between Anakin and Vader whether to speak all this or just concentrate on work related probs and he started loosing confidence in himself. He contradicts his own words and started blabbering. Anakin was always clear in his words and this seems weird for Hosana.

This contradictory, confusing words from Anakin made Hosana confused. Anakin was always clear in his thoughts and words, but not now. She very slightly understood that Anakin is doing or did something wrong but also feels very sorry for it. She tells ‘Anakin if you have any problems please share with your friends. Dont keep everything to yourself. I dont know whether you realized this or not. You started speaking weird recently and I could feel you were so much confused, worried and not at all the Anakin whom I knew’. Days pass but not much change from Anakin’s side, he remained a little abnormal.

Then she started texting several times a day whats his problem is. Anakin ignore all those messages. But Vader was devising plans to propose her, let her know his feelings, though he very much know how mad she is about Jekalanth. Anakin was so much confused and her frequent texts tortured him. Anakin didnt want to tell her anything, but Vader wants to tell everything to her, his thoughts about her, his future plans and how she could fit in and how Vader could support in her dreams if she had any. Anaking / Vader tortured themselves. One day after watching Anakin very abnormal in castle she phones him in evening and tells “Anakin we are all living beings having both good and evil in us. But I dont think many people will torture themselves for their evil actions. They might feel guilty for some time and move on. I dont know what your problem is, but believe me I am afraid it might spoil you and please do share your problem with me now, if you think me as your good friend. I might not be able to give any solution for you, but when you share atleast your tension will get reduced.”

Anakin (not Vader) started telling his family story, things he worry about, things he miss and few other problems. Anakin foolishly believed all this will make her stop worrying about him. But its very clear that this story has nothing to do with his earlier confusions. After hearing all the stories she tells Anakin “I never knew all this. I could very well understand your problems. But I am also very sure that you are not worried about all this things and you are hiding something from me. But anyways you atleast said this. Hope you feel a little lightly now. If you dont want to share your real problems with me, not a problem, but please do share with someone else. Please dont dump all the worries within you, it will make you mad.” All her caring words touched the heart of Anakin and made him cry from inside. He controlled and just said “thanks for hearing me” in a shaky voice. She found that Anakin was too much in a emotional state and said “No need for thanks between friends. I believe you feel better now. Please take things easily and move on”

Expect the Unexpected

Things continue like this till that black day. One day Hosana calls Anakin and tells that she needs an Ashram to go. Even she seemed very much worried in castle that day. When enquired, after much hesitation she said Jekalanth broke up with her. She is totally broke, spoke like there is no point in living anymore. Anakin was also totally broke as he couldn’t take up her sufferings and he knew its most probably because of him.

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