An API to your brain!

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Today spent some 1.5 hours watching Neuralink video and nearly 2 hours discussing the same with friends. Remember the announcement made last year, as well. But this time, it’s so profound on many realms.

For those who missed it, here it is:

This post is just to summarize couple of random thoughts that occurred while watching the Video and while thinking about it later:

  1. Elon will be launching this Brain – Digital interface within a decade, An API for your brain.
  2. Though we will initially use it to give Vision to the blind, treat spinal cord injured people in activating their nervous system to make them move again and solve many neurological disorders,
  3. Mark is gonna re-build the same interface under his brand, with more relaxed security and privacy protocols. And obviously gonna interface Facebook with it, to connect with your friends and loved ones and share things, direct brain to brain.
  4. And a future version of Cambridge Analytica will then find it easy to make mass propaganda on political beliefs, skew and manipulate Election outcomes.

But also:

  1. Matrix is gonna come real. There will be an OTA (over the air) update for Kungfu to Acrobatics.
  2. Sadhguru/Isha and all spiritual camps are gonna shut down their Inner Engineering shops, as real mind Engineering is gonna take over.
  3. Western Science might soon be picking up on the promises, where Eastern Spiritualists have failed. Mind Control!

Though I am 90% excited about this whole thing, to be honest, am too frightened on another side. I trust Elon/Neuralink 100% with their inventions. But what about other companies that follow along. Our governments regulating all this, Ha ha?!

Yes Elon, The Future is going to be WEIRD!

In the words of Sagan, “It will be not be we who reach Alpha centauri and nearby stars. It will be a species very like us, with more of our strengths and fewer of our weakenss“. Maybe the seed is being sown now!

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