The Inflation evil – Why Bitcoin – Part 2

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Bitcoin quote by Andreas Antonopoulos

So we concluded in last post with the understanding, we don’t have a clarity on what even a ‘Money’ is. Here let’s see something known as inflation and how it affects us, through some funny memes.

Are you an Economics student?

Oh Wait! You are from Economy background? You read Economics in your College as your major. That’s great to hear. I am sure you know how the following Economic theories define Money, Inflation, Deflation, etc., Right?

  • Classical economics.
  • Keynesian economics.
  • Austrian school of economics.
  • Malthusian economics.
  • Marxism.
  • Laissez-faire capitalism.
  • Market socialism.
  • Monetarism.

No? What do you mean by No?

You don’t even know such a diverse set of Economic theories exist? That’s Unbelievable!

As a school kid, In Physics, I remember reading about both Classical physics (Newton era) and Modern physics (Einstein era). But someone who is doing Economics in college, not read about different Economic theories?! That’s super fishy.

Anyways, my focus is not why certain knowledge is skipped in the entire Economic academia. That’s upto the readers to ponder upon. Do share me your thoughts in the comments.

Why inflation is evil?

Let’s look at this Video to see why Inflation is Evil:
Another important Concept of how Inflation “Cantillon effect” systematically results in “Rich getting richer, Poor getting poor”

Some memes that conveys the point, Crystal clear:

Inflation meme
Debasing money since gradually since 1913 and suddenly in 1971
Inflation meme
In 2000 (Slice 1), You have 1 slice of Pizza, which is hard earned with blood and sweat.
In 2010 (Slice 2), You still have the same 1 slice of Pizza. But the govt managed to make it less valuable, by slicing down the whole economy. Printing new Money.
In 2020 (Slice 3), You still have the same 1 slice of Pizza. But it values much less now. Thanks to our Govt. and their Inflation
Inflation meme
Unfortunate Truth
Inflation meme
Robbing us blind – Inflation
Inflation meme
Soon to your country
Inflation meme
Effect of Cantillon effect
Inflation meme
Oops. Hyper inflation (The peak of Govt Evilness) is for another post! Dropped the image here by mistake!

With Bitcoin, Inflation (/evil) cannot happen. How Bitcoin ensures that? We will see in upcoming posts.

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