As part of the largest secret campaign that I am working on for Grassroots, a long pending due task got prioritized and it’s completed now 🙂

Tree plantation with Sevalayam / Prithvi

Volunteered for a Tree plantation drive with Sevalayam – Prithvi, Ajith, Subash and few others.

They are not about planting 100s of trees. But just planting one per week and maintaining it daily 🙂

NGO Self Signup

To signup with Grassroots, NGOs had to go through a manual process before. Most of it is now automated and they can just signup now here.

Though I have to verify them and approve before they could make use of any of our offering.

One awesome day with Ennangalin Sangamam / NDSO

Travelled to Cuddalore, to attend Inauguration function of a Home built for Boom Boom Maatukarargal community.


There are multiple specialities about the construction of this Home.

  • The beneficiary family, who is receiving the home is equipped with the knowledge of house construction and they built it themselves, under NDSO Engineer’s supervision.
  • The bricks are baked by themselves in a eco friendly way, with the sand taken from the same place where the house is constructed.
  • And the total cost of the House is an unbelievable Rs. 60,000!!!

One pilot house is now constructed and Inaugurated yesterday.
Remaining 20+ houses will be constructed in next 1-2 months.

Apart from the Inauguration, had a great opportunity to meet with a dozen Change makers throughout the journey. Will be briefing about them in upcoming posts, as I will be working with these people in future 🙂


  1. Bhoomi – With mom
  2. Snowden – Holy fuck. I know almost all things that’s shown in the film already. But the Live cam feed is bloody out of league. 2 scenes from this:
    1. All kingdom Snow white
      1. NSA Guy: Think of PRISM like a Google search, except instead of searching only for what people make Public, we are also looking at everything they don’t. So Emails, Chats, SMS, whatever.
      2. Snowden: okay. of which people?
      3. NSO Guy: All kingdom, Snow white!
    2. NSA having capability to watch Live Video stream from People’s Laptops.
Now you understand why Mark put a Tape on his Laptop cam